Do you squat?

Simply put, if you don’t then you should, and if you do, then make sure you are doing it correctly.

Humans have evolved to be bipedal, meaning we move around on two feet and, as such, leg conditioning is vital for our everyday lives. The majority of movement our body produces is completed whilst standing. In order to generate the force required in any direction, it is necessary to stabilise that force. Our legs play a pivotal role in this as forces are transferred from the ground up through the body. This is why our leg mechanics and conditioning are vital for our bodies to work efficiently.

So how should you perform the squat and what technique do you need in order to do this correctly?

Start Position

  • Head neutral – eyes looking forward

  • Feet approximately shoulder with apart

  • Feet slightly pointing out

  • Braced abdominals whilst keeping a neutral spine

  • Bar sits across your upper trapezius


  • Deep breath in and hold throughout the movement

  • Maintain an upright posture

  • Knees must track inline with toes

  • Weight distribution should move from mid-foot to towards the heals

  • Target depth is for the thighs to break horizontal


  • Maintain upright posture

  • Explosive movement but under control

  • Knees stable and track feet position

  • Weight distribution moves back towards mid-foot

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