Peter McMenemy, Managing Partner, Allolio&Konrad


"Sean is the most qualified PT I have ever met or even heard of; his programmes and advice are completely tailored to the exact needs of the inividual; he works at his clients pace and empowers and enables them to advance at a pace they can sensibly maintain; he is incredibly inspirational in every one-to-one session and he has a great personable manner that makes it feel comfortable to admit vulnerabilities."


Fahad Kalied Al-Tani, Qatar National Boxing Team


"As a national level boxer I require very specific conditioning and as such sought out the services of Sean to help me improve my strength and power. Through my strength and conditioning sessions with Sean and my sessions with my technical coach, I have massively improved my speed, punching power and endurance. This helped me gain selection from the National B team to the full National A team. Sean provided an amazing attention to detail that not only improved my performance but also kept me injury free and on weight in between competitions. Sean has a great deal of knowledge and passion for strength and conditioning and this is shown in each and every session. He is a power generator!"

David Bleakney, Financial Consultant


"Sean's individual focus on his clients and level of training is a world away from the generic set of personal trainers that are found throughout the gyms and parks of London. His training methods are bespoke and he is happy to adapt his programes to correspond to the changing abilities, needs, wishes and schedule of his clients. Training is always focused as goals are set and progress is measured by regular assessment and strength tests. I am continuously learning about strength and conditioning training from an extremely qualified instructor and have become physically stronger since training with Sean - I can't rate him highly enough"


Eddie Gray, Senior Manager, RBS Corporate Security


"Sean's approach to personal training is a refreshing one. After a few years of the monthly gym membership and mediocre personal trainers that roam the floors I was introduced to sean and have never looked back. The variety and challenge Sean builds into each session truly does inspire you to work hard and keep on working hard. The sessions don't get any easier and are always refreshed with new exercises so there is no getting bored of the same old programs. Sean's level of knowledge is clear to see and he continues to review many different training activities and brings them into the sesions if he feels they will benefit your programme. The introduction of kettlebells a few years back is a good example of this. Sean is a great trainer and I wouldn't use anyone else"



Matthew Daws, 20 time Ironman finisher and 2015 Ironman World Championship competitor


"Sean has tought me the value of high quality strength work. Having previously been an afterthought, Sean's strength sessions are now a fundamental part of my Ironman training programme."