The service we offer

SPPT provides bespoke personal training and strength and conditioning services in Mere and the surrounding areas.


Personal training is all about you getting results and staying motivated. SPPT will provide you with a bespoke training programme that is based on sound scientific principles. Your programme will be individually tailord to meet your training needs, and we will guide, support and motivate you throughout the whole process. We have a vast amount of knowledge and experience within the industry and would very much like to help you achive your fitness goals.   

Mere, Wiltshire
Personal Training Studio 

SPPT can train you at a private personal training studio situated on the outskirts of Mere, Wiltshire.  We will provide you with a bespoke training plan that is specifically designed to ensure you reach your goals.

Your bespoke programme will see you cover all areas of conditioning  ensuring you have a well-rounded fitness level. This will include:

Strength training

Aerobic conditioning

Power training

Speed training

Plyometric training


Remote Programming

This option is for individuals who are unable to meet face-to-face with SPPT on a regular basis. Individual remote packages can be designed to ensure that you still reach your fitness goals. With the aid of a variety of different mediums such as Skype, email, phone, video etc SPPT can provide you with all the necessary coaching needed to ensure you still get the most out of each and every training session.