What we are not

One size fits all training programmes!


Many personal trainers simply use a 'one size fits all' approach and provide identical programmes with little or no thought as to the individual needs of their clients. This, quite simply, is NOT personal training and is a waste of your time and money! At SPPT we tailor each programme to the specific requirements of the client and provide a bespoke service that will enable you to reach your individual goals. Through movement screening, goal setting, specific programming and constant communication, we will ensure you are continually moving forward and achieving results.       



Personal trainers with qualifications bought rather than studied for!


The biggest problem with personal training to date, is the lack of regulation within the industry. There is no legal requirement for a personal trainer to achieve a certain level of qualification. Consequently, there are many trainers working today that have very basic qualifications, if any at all. ALWAYS ASK WHAT QUALIFICATIONS YOUR TRAINER HAS BEFORE USING THEM!


SPPT are in a different league to most trainers in this area. We continually work to make sure we are at the top of the tree when it comes to the knowledge and expertise we provide our clients (please see the 'about your trainer' section).    



An overcrowded corporate gym!


With most personal training, the bottom line is profit and as such the majority of gyms in pack in as many members as possible. This inevitably makes for a very unfriendly atmosphere as you try to grab equipment and wait hovering next to a machine so you can complete your workout.


All sessions with SPPT are carried out in a bespoke personal training studio with a maximum a 3 clients training at any one time. There is no membership base so every person training in the gym will be accompanied by a personal trainer.